Engage Yourself, Engage Your Audience

Do you wish you were a more dynamic and compelling speaker? Do you want to know how to effectively engage your audience? In this article I identify 4 elements that enable you be at your best when speaking. The four elements are: Passionate, Analytical, Confiding and Extemporaneous or P.A.C.E.™ The Passionate Speaker Passionate speakers exude Read more about Engage Yourself, Engage Your Audience[…]

The Present Moment: What great actors share with great presenters

Have you ever noticed great presenters bring in a sense of discovery while giving a speech? Their passion and commitment make you feel there is no place they’d rather be than presenting to you. Canned presentations seem stale and phony, but a speaker that is “in the moment” rings true. But how do we get Read more about The Present Moment: What great actors share with great presenters[…]

How to “Win Over” an Audience

“Attitude is the reflection of a person and our world mirrors our attitude.” -Earl Nightingale As anybody that owns a dog will attest, they definitely become members of the family. They also have much to teach us about love and life. Ten years ago, we brought Sedona, family-a longhaired whippet puppy into our family. He Read more about How to “Win Over” an Audience[…]